Shield COVID Frontline Medical Staff

intuShield is designed to protect medical staff during the intubation of  COVID-19 critical patients.
Help shield the frontline during the high exposure process of ventilator insertion.

COVID-19 or the novel coronavirus is a highly infectious virus passed through particles expelled from an infected patient. Constant exposure to these particles escalates the risk of a non-infected person to not only get the virus, but become very sick with prolonged exposure. The people most at risk are America’s frontline of defense; our medical care workers. Hospital staff work  in close quarters daily with COVID-19 positive patients and intuShield is designed to reduce their exposure and provide an additional layer of prevention that enables them to do their job and remain healthy.

Designed and produced by Bright Sheet Metal in Indianapolis, IN, the intuShield is made from plexiglass and 316L stainless surgical steel created for maximum visibility, durability and safety. It’s placed over the patient during the intubation process, when a patient is being put on a ventilator. External handles enable medical staff to work quickly and effectively on a patient while limiting exposure. intuShield is reusable and can be sanitized according to hospital standards.

It was originally used in local hospitals and feedback was provided by medical professionals in the field. Once perfected, the box was shipped nationwide to larger hospitals at cost and was put in use immediately for COVID-19 patients. intuShield was implemented alongside personal protective equipment to minimize medical professional’s risk of exposure. It was that added shield that made a difference in ensuring their well-being.

The problem is that smaller community hospitals lack the necessary resources to purchase an additional layer of protection, like intuShield. This is where the Sidekick Foundation, Inc.® stepped in to help.

Shield A Community

One intuShield unit is fabricated, packaged, and express shipped to a community hospital in need for your $2,000 tax deductible donation through the Sidekick Foundation, Inc.®

Shield a Nation

After express shipping is calculated, the remainder of your donation goes directly to the Duke Human Vaccine Institute. The Duke Human Vaccine Institute is working 24 hours a day on a unique two-pronged approach that is designed to blunt the infection rate and make the waiting time for a vaccine, which will take 18-24 months to develop, more bearable. First, DHVI is developing human antibodies that could prevent and/or treat COVID-19 and lessen severity of the outbreak in as little as four to six months. Second, DHVI is using advanced technologies to design a vaccine that specifically targets key components of the virus. Vaccines are the final answer to control this epidemic.