Our mission is to be a sidekick for the heroes of wildlife conservation and global humanitarian work.


The Sidekick Foundation® seeks to achieve a balance between human development and sustaining biodiversity for the benefit of all. 

  • Eliminate poaching as an immediate threat to elephants and other wildlife by supporting ever-present anti-poaching patrols that work in cooperation with an intelligence network
  • Increase the use of effective and innovative mitigation techniques and technologies that protect elephants and communities living with wildlife
  • Reduce the demand for ivory and other illegal wildlife products by supporting effective advocacy initiatives
  • Secure the habitat of elephants and other wildlife for future generations through informed land-use planning and management
  • Demonstrate and promote viable conservation compatible enterprises as alternative sources of income for communities living with wildlife
  • Identify, connect and develop the next generation of conservation leaders
  • Connect future conservation heroes with organizations to create champions for the protection of wildlife and preservation of ecosystems

The Sidekick Foundation® believes that lasting impact requires a holistic and mindful approach that invests in informed people and partnerships to nurture innovation and passion.

Developing People
  • Provide catalytic funding by providing early-stage funding for innovative ideas
  • Invest in strong leadership and developing talent
  • Engage the next generation of conservation champions
Connecting Our Partners
  • Collaborate with other funders, private and public, to achieve sustainable solutions and change
  • Facilitate relationships, collaborations, partnerships and create informal networking opportunities

Contact Information

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